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At Fairway Laboratories, we understand that the work we do is a critical ingredient in our clients’ efforts to provide a safe environment for their communities, employees, and customers. Therefore, we are dedicated to maintaining a staff of highly skilled employees who are experts in their designated fields, and we provide our staff with the state-of-the-art tools required to perform each job correctly and efficiently the first time... and every time.

Unlike some other testing labs, Fairway Laboratories performs its tests in-house. We are NELAP-certified, use only DEP-approved testing methods, and our dedication to unmatched, customer service is evident:

  • Free shipping of sampling materials
  • On-site pick-up of client-collected samples or field sampling done by our experienced staff
  • Rapid turnaround, with immediate notification of outside-of-limit test results
  • Automated reporting to DEP and other required regulatory agencies
  • Competitive pricing

The laboratory information management system, or LIMS, is a key part of any laboratory, and since 2001, Fairway Laboratories has relied on the Element DataSystem (Element) by Promium.

Element was developed by environmental laboratory scientists and enables us to manage the extensive details involved with sample tracking, analysis, quality control, and reporting, in order to provide timely, accurate results.

Our clients benefit directly from many of Element’s features:

  • "Client Connect," which allows our clients to obtain project status and report information for their samples via a secure Internet connection.
  • Automatic data uploads from certain analytical instruments, which eliminates manual data entry and potential for entry errors.
  • Data packages can be quickly and efficiently generated because of the electronic organization of the samples, results, and quality assurance measures.
  • Digital data enables the creation of results in various electronic data formats that can be saved on disk or emailed.

The performance of NPDES testing required for new permits and all six groups of NPDES renewal projects is a core competency at Fairway Laboratories.

We will pick up samples at your site, or our qualified field technicians can collect samples - including 24-hour composite samples - for you. And we provide all required sampling materials at no additional charge.

Testing is performed in a timely fashion at our state-of-the-art laboratory and according to the NPDES limits you specify. Out-of-limit results that require correction are reported immediately, not held until the full report is ready for delivery. And if you prefer, we can complete and submit your Discharge Monitoring Report ("DMR") for you every month.

Fairway Laboratories provides cost-effective sludge and waste characterization analyses, with quick and accurate turnaround of your sample results. We are experienced at the Form 43, Form U, and RCRA Waste Characterization analysis required by your landfill.

We will pick up samples at your site, or our qualified field technicians can collect samples for you. And we provide all sample collection materials at no additional charge.

Whether you represent an industrial operation or wastewater treatment plant, you can be assured that your analytical requirements will be fully met by the experts at Fairway Laboratories.

From Coliform bacteria to Volatile Organic Compounds, Fairway Laboratories offers a turnkey solution for fast, reliable, drinking water testing and monitoring.

We offer regularly-scheduled sample pickup or collection, thorough, accurate testing, and complete, timely automated reporting to you and the DEP’s DWELR database. All testing is done in-house at our state-of-the-art laboratory, and our project management team will automatically contact you and the DEP if your compliance samples exceed the Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs), so the appropriate corrective action can be taken.

Fast. Accurate. Worry-free. For certified drinking water testing in Pennsylvania (07-062) and Maryland (275), put your trust in Fairway Laboratories.

Fairway Labs does a large volume of analysis for the PA Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program. We offer a fast turn around time on results which is very important for the consulting firms involved with this type of program. All of the soil and water sampling kits are provided at no additional charge. We are very versed with the analyses required for each of the petroleum products. All testing is done in-house on one of our GC/MS systems.

Fairway Laboratories is certified to perform coliform and standard plate count analyses for frozen desserts including soft serve, frozen yogurt, custard, milkshakes, and sherbet. All analysts and samplers maintain certification through the PA Dept. of Agriculture to ensure accurate sampling, analysis, and reporting. Please contact us for pricing information or to schedule testing.</P

Fairway Laboratories is widely recognized within the petroleum industry and elsewhere for our soil testing expertise, experience, and service.

We provide expert analysis in all water and soil categories under PA UST regulations, including testing required for UST site clean-up. We are fully certified to perform ACT II and Brownsfield testing, as well as analysis for EPA superfund sites.

Sample pick-up, accurate and timely testing & analysis, and secure electronic delivery of test results are all standard services provided by Fairway Laboratories.

Contact us today to learn more about our soil testing qualifications and to schedule your sample pick-up and analysis.

Maintain safe water and stay in the good graces of the Pennsylvania Department of Health by relying on Fairway Laboratories for your weekly swimming pool water tests.

We offer complete, year-around sample collection or pickup services for public and commercial swimming pools and hot tubs, and all tests are performed in a timely fashion at our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory. Your test results are documented and delivered to you in a government-approved, easy-to-understand format.

Out-of-compliance results? No worry. We will notify you, and the Department of Health, if required, immediately of any "bad" or out-of-limit results, so appropriate corrective action can be taken.

Don’t put your customers, employees, or business at risk. Call Fairway Laboratories today to set up your sampling schedule.

The Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") recommends that private water supplies - drilled & dug wells, springs, and cisterns that serve an individual home - meet the same quality standards as required by law for public water supplies.

Does the water you and your family drink every day measure up?

There are numerous potential contaminants that have no obvious odors or tastes. The only way to know for sure that your home’s drinking water is safe is to have it tested regularly by a DEP-certified laboratory like Fairway Laboratories.

We offer thorough, accurate testing that will reveal the existence of micro-biologicals that could be harmful to your health. Additionally, we can analyze for many other compounds based on your individual, specific concerns. And we provide all of the sampling materials you’ll need.

Safe drinking water is a necessity in every home. Contact Fairway Laboratories today to learn more about water testing for your home.

Concerned about lead paint in your home?

Fairway Laboratories can also test paint chips to identify the presence of lead. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk. Call or email us to learn more about our paint testing service.

Lack the time or resources to collect samples?

If you own or operate a landfill or industrial site - even if it’s remotely located - Fairway Laboratories’ experienced sample collectors are fully-trained and equipped to conduct the low-flow sampling and three-well volume sampling you need to maintain a safe, government-compliant operation. Or, you collect the samples, and we will pick them up. Either way, we provide all required sampling materials at no additional charge.

You provide the site, and we’ll do the rest. Contact us today to learn more about this valuable Fairway Laboratories service.